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After GPRS was (finally) enabled by IDEA cellular I decided to try out some nice ringtones and software. I downloaded a few MIDI files, wallpapers and J2ME/MIDP programs on my hard disk – and I wanted to transfer them to the mobile phone… but there was one issue – the phone does not have a huge amount of memory so I would need to download stuff on demand and then delete it if I need anything else and memory is not available.

Now, having my own website helps – I can put the files in a spare directory and access it directly from the browser – Apache does a great job of displaying the directory list. However, this output looks all mixed up on a 128×128 pixel screen.

So I wrote a small script to automate the directory listing. All I need to do is, put the index.cgi file in the root directory of my WAP site and link to it from all child directories. After this all I need to do is put some files in these directories – the listing is generated automatically, and it also saves a lot of bandwidth by eliminating unnecessary data.

The script can be found on: WAP Site Maker


Written by hiway

January 6, 2006 at 2:30 am

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