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Originally uploaded by Harshad Sharma.

For a reason still unknown to me, I had stopped ‘photoblogging’ and had continued my old habit of ranting over the last few posts šŸ˜›

Art is suffering… thanks to education. Anyway, I won’t start on that topic again. I’ll just let art speak for itself – because it is very much able to do so.

The batteries are fully charged, the memory card is formatted and the lens cleaned for today. Its early morning – 05:20, and the sun is about to rise. What’s not usual according to the world, is that I am about to sleep. Been reading about UNIX… today I took a dose of “UNIX Hater’s Handbook” – full 5 chapters in a row.

The authors of the book have been careful in pointing out all the errors and bugs in the many Unices. But in experience, maybe thanks to these same people for pointing them out – the OS I love – FreeBSD is mostly free from all the things they have whined about.

Certainly, some UNIX philosophies that were the merits three decades ago count as drawbacks today. I do hope UNIX can still adapt to the changing times and keep going as it has done for all this while.

And last but not least in my list of rants – I need some sleep!

Wait! what about photographing the morning? “UNIX isnt supposed to be my education – it’s just a hobby. Barf!! now one hobby is eating another… too bad!”

Anyway, let the world sort itself out. Good night world!

P.S. NOTE: I mark this as one of the most senseless posts I have made. Thank sleep deprivation if you wish to šŸ˜‰


Written by hiway

January 14, 2006 at 5:31 am

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