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Highway to Progress

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Highway to Progress
Originally uploaded by Harshad Sharma.

The last two months have been towards progress, in a lot more ways than I could ever imagine.

I am learning a lot of new stuff, UNIX Internals being the most important thing right now. Made new friends, am able to spend time with old buddies, travel a lot (which I enjoy).

Learning more stuff about photography, just that I’m not finding enough time to try out the new concepts. Hmm… and I’m still stuck in the planning stage on the Photo-Exhibition. I’m not stalled, just slow at this topic, I’ll need some acceleration – like a sponsor 😛 heh, lets see what future holds… afterall, I’m on the highway to progress!

Being in Pune has opened up many avenues and freed my mind of the usual crap that accumulates from staying in one place too long, without friends, without much outdoor activities.

I’m enjoying it, and am going to make the best use of the opportunities now 🙂

I was unwell due to excessive travelling in th last two weeks, now recovered… but starting tomorrow morning, the travelling begins again! To Uruli-kanchan in the morning – a 280 to 300km round-trip in car, then about 150km on bike in the evening to Pune, with Amit.

Sometimes I feel tired even before I leave… but once I’m on the road, I love the feel of cool wind, the sound of tyres turning; the engine roaring and watching the beauty of nature unfold each moment of the drive.

Anyway, good night world!

[Photo taken on the connecting road from the Pune-Bangalore Highway towards the main, larger Pune-Mumbai Express Highway]


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February 19, 2006 at 12:46 am

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Sports and Technology

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I was watching the India v/s Pakistan ODI Cricket match yesterday and was quite amazed at the quality of live, online graphics and 3D rendering of each decisive ball… the complete path of the ball, with its speed is recorded and then rendered in three dimensions in near realtime. It doesn’t stop there, using audio captured on the pitch to calculate the exact moment of impact on the stumps/pad is another new ‘funda’ that I liked. A plethora of such special effects and precise error-finding techniques have almost completely eliminated any faults in the judgements.

Impressive they may be, but they take the fun out of sports – the excitement of recalling what you saw, frame by frame in your mind, describing that to your friends… and today, people just sit there in front of the television and watch; only shout out suddenly when there’s a four or a wicket falls. Friends meet at the canteen, someone says “Did you see that sixer by (your most fave player)?”. Everyone says “Yes! It was super cool!” and they continue with whatever they were sipping on. Where’s the excitement of the little details that you perhaps lost and your friend caught… sharing those bits and pieces of each moment and then piecing them together with enthusiasm?

Heck! I don’t even like the idea of watching the match on the TV. The commentators on the Radio do a great job of conveying the feeling as it is on the stadium right to wherever you are. TV only goes half as close to that excitement. Moreover, sitting in front of the box for a whole day scares me completely! I could do so much in those 10 hours! I could (uhm) study, or go take a long ride on my bike (yay!), click a hundred photographs or write a neat program, read a nice book, perhaps make a new song, hang out with friends! Well, to be frank, I do exactly that… I do everything exept warming up the couch, and I’m still alive, happy and totally enjoying my life! (Well, some people remarked – “How worthless your life is!” – since I usually don’t even know when the cricket matches are… heh, I feel like asking them the same question.)

Anyway getting back to the point, I really think, you should enjoy sports as they are – raw. The sheer excitement of watching something unfold in front of you is worth all the trouble of going to the stadium and watching it there. If you really can’t make it, just listen to the radio… it is no less than TV in conveying the excitement! And when the day ends, watch the highlights to catch up on what it really looked like. So you will have enjoyed the ‘live’ ness of your fave sport and also seen how the masters of the sport showed their skills… and you will have lived a full life – without wasting a complete day from your life.

I like to remember this fact, at 365 days every year, counting for 70 years, we have about 25,550 days to do what we want. Out of which, the first 16 years are spent more or less as per the wish of our elders and for many, the last 16 years could be spent depending on younger generation. So that leaves us with 38 years to be lived by completely our own rules… which amounts to 13870 days… less than 14 thousand… Count, think, recall… 14 thousand is not a big number. Why waste even one day for the sake of just watching other people enjoy what they do best? Why not enjoy ourselves at what we do best?

Think 🙂

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February 17, 2006 at 5:53 pm

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blah and more blah

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Nothing to write about is really frustrating. since the last ten minutes i’ve been holding the cellphone in hand, sipping on some great coffee, trying to think of something sensible to write. hmm. anyway just let me mention quickly that i’m enjoying the unix class, am totally exhausted from all the traveling last week. blah! i’m going to go grab a bed and sleep like a log. blah. er i mean, bye!

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February 12, 2006 at 11:57 pm

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