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Major Backup!

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We all hear about major hardware failure, thought I’d change the story a bit… finally got a DVD Writer and a few DVD-Rs, backed up all my photographs on 3 DVDs. From a 2 mega-pixel camera… 14 thousand files – 10 Gigabytes of images! And loads of other stuff still to go…

I wonder how much bits I’m going to generate once I lay my hands on the dSLRs 😉 Maybe a DVD every week 😛 heh heh heh

Anyway, it’s good to know that is a software/hardware issue threatens my photographs today – it’s not going to hurt me as much. Though an earthquake could do a lot of harm! (Still need to make two copies of the 3-DVD set and send to friends across the country)

Is backup THIS serious? Yes. I once lost 3 months worth photographs – because I forgot to copy them over during the final backup before a format-reinstall!!! And… I got most them back, because I had sent a CD to a cousin, that included the best photos from those 3 months. Unintentional, but useful backup.

Moral of the story: send gift CDs to your relatives 🙂 If I send say, 100 photos of 800×600 quality (because I’m paranoid and afraid that someone will grab the CD and sell my original photos)… so where was I? Yes, if I send 100 such “gift” photos, I also send an encrypted file containing the same 100 original files. They can access the low-res for their enjoyment… if need be, I can recover the originals. Not a bad deal is it?

Anyway, I’m tired – been awake since 02:00… it’s been a very busy day. I submitted the broadband request form to BSNL today, hopefully I should have it in 1 month (waiting list, they say). Anyway, now its 21:36… I’m sleepy.

temp = “!dlroW thgiN dooG”
temp2 = “”

for x in range(1,len(temp)+1):
    temp2 += temp[len(temp)-x]
print temp2

Written by hiway

July 6, 2006 at 9:50 pm

Posted in computers, rant

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