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Tea – Keeping India Together.

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Tea – Keeping India Together.

A lot happens over a cup of tea. People exchange their everyday concerns; the weekly dose of gossip; make new friends; take matrimonial decisions; share the weather report and the hot news; argue; flirt; make the final adjustments to that important report… write blogs 😉

Tea is the company to a solitary soul and a silent listener to many-a-conversation. It gives a refreshing warmth as well as a comforting reassurance… “life isn’t as bad as it looks”, when things are going wrong. Tea is also the common man’s way of celebrating life’s little victories.

When two travellers, complete strangers get stuck in their way and meet, more often than not, one of them will ask “chai lenge?”

Visitors are often asked “Chai?” (“Tea?”)… be it rain or shine. Though people say “no”, it is assumed that they will enjoy a couple of sips with their host.

Even the corrupt officials love tea… especially because it gives them an excuse to walk away from the desk for other business.

“Chalo, chai lekar aate hain” is a common way of letting a person know “we need to talk…”

But apart from these few negative connections, tea emerges as the single most strong glue that binds India together. Yes, that’s what tea does – it keeps India together!


Written by hiway

July 15, 2006 at 1:31 pm

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