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Monsoon Wanderlust

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No doubt, the monsoon is here… and the atmosphere is filled with a fresh fragrance of wet earth and leaves. It’s a time to gather up buddies and go on a long tour or trek. And don’t we love to test out limits while climbing challenging mountains, crossing fast paced rivers and streams? Gruelling yet enjoyable!

I love to spend my time in Panchgani and Mahableshwar… close enough to home (6 hour journey) and far enough to forget everything else! Yet, every time I visit these beautiful places, I feel saddened by the constant deterioration of the landscapes and picnic spots – thanks to tourists!

I appreciate an article in “Yuva Sakal” (18 Jul 2006) that mentions a few points to remember when trekking… I am translating from Marathi, and adding a few points that can relate to general travelling.

  • While travelling in rainy season, preferably carry lightweight luggage.
  • Remember to wear strong shoes with a good grip. Sandals and chappals may cause trouble on slippery surfaces.
  • When crossing rivers and streams, make use of “human chain”. Hold each other’s hands to gain balance and support in strong currents.
  • Do not defer from a known route. It may be temping to take a more difficult route, but refrain from it as long as possible. Also, stay away from cliff edges.
  • Always carry necessary first aid and also carry extra stock of any prescribed medicines. Carry your own drinking water, even if it is available naturally and freely, just keep a backup.
  • Leeches are common near ponds, if they stick to you skin, apply tobacco or limestone on the spot. (That means, you might want to carry some of that too.)
  • While roaming around, do not kill any animals or insects, large or small… they are an important part of the ecosystem. We are the guests, not owners – always remember that.
  • If you are about to take a challenging route, inform the local people about it. You might want to chat with the tea vendor or the shopkeeper on the way… in case you are lost, these people are your backup when search and rescue begins.
  • Take care that you do not disturb the ecosystem. Do not light fire for cooking and leave it unattended. If you have to leave, make sure the fire is completely extinguished and that flammable objects are not lying nearby.
  • Do not throw away any plastic bags or bottles. Bring them back and dispose them in garbage bins; even little things like chocolate wrappers.
  • If you cannot live without beer and alcohol, at least do not leave the bottles behind. It is disgusting to see broken glass lying all around… and dangerous for other travellers.
  • Just once again, you are not the owner of nature… when you go out into the wild… you are a guest. Behave like one.

That’s all for now! Enjoy the monsoons and make sure you don’t hurt mother nature!


Written by hiway

July 18, 2006 at 7:04 pm

Posted in adventure, travel

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