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Bats! Rats! Congrats!

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Bats! Rats! Congrats!
Funny title there… and a not so lovely photograph – but hey! When in the last three years did you and I see such a photograph in my collection?

Not once!

That was because I was using a point-and-shoot Nikon coolpix 2000 camera all these days. Yes, all those silly photos and some beautiful landscapes were from that little 2MP camera.

So what has changed? Triple the number of pixels and a manyfold increase in versatility that has been added to my arsenal – a Nikon D50 digital SLR camera!

What does it really mean? Simply speaking, better pictures. Better – technically. Such as this one of a flying bat captured at midnight. A lot of creative experiments are now possible too! Just hang on till I get the working of the camera in my head. Once it starts feeling natural, the quality of photos is bound to go up.

What next? I’m now in a position to save up more $$ than before – simple – I’ll be able to earn more! And so, the next plan is to add a Nikon D200 to the weaponry in the coming 6 months. Hopefully the plans should materialize as per schedule.

I’ll now go grab a few more photos, while you can think of some ‘doable’ experiment/assignment that is both fun and challenging – so that we can test the camera’s abilities and limits… do let me know if you have been trying something on a simpler camera but was not possible due to it’s limitations – I’d like to try and teach my camera some tricks! hehe 😀

Congratulations to Nikon – for making another photographer happy – really happy, for spending that precious money on something worth it!


Written by hiway

July 30, 2006 at 1:11 am

Posted in news, photography

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