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self.silence != self.absence

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RaysI’m caught up with some work, it is enjoyable and fun – but takes almost every waking hour out of my day. So right now, I’m just silent. But don’t let that silence make you feel that I’m absent!!!

I’m right here, where I was.

So till the time I set these things on their track and myself back on my usual track, hang on!


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September 17, 2006 at 2:37 pm

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I was furious about the whole reservation issue! Furious about the senselessness of the public, the usual “let me make some money out of it” nature of [Television] media and the sick “my heart is where are my votes are” nature of politicians! But then I realized that what I hated most was the hatered that was being generated in the hearts of thousands of Indians. Hating hate is a difficult thing, so I kept my mouth shut till I found a way of putting my ideas in a better way.

Today it struck me that maybe, just maybe, I can say something that will make more sense than just lashing out at the people who are sowing the seeds of hatered. Here it is:
I believe that giving any particular section of the society a handicap (giving them a unfair chance to win) is bad for the complete society. Just look at all the hatered that is spreading over this issue!

If some sections are economically weaker, give them scholarships. Scholarships that include education fees, accommodation and books. Make it easy for people to earn and learn. Spoon feeding will never make good citizens out of students. Each person has to fight his/her own battles.

Here’s a small story that clarifies the doubts that are creeping in our mind right now!

Butterfly?The story is from Mary Manis Morrissey:

One day a man was in his backyard and noticed, on a tree limb, a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon. He watched that little being struggle and strain and press up against the walls of its prison. The butterfly was having such a difficult time, and the man wanted to help, so he sawed off the tree branch and brought it into his house. He used a pair of very fine scissors to delicately clip the cocoon and create an opening for the butterfly. Sure enough the butterfly emerged easily. Then, as the man looked on in horror, it flopped around on the table, unable to lift its wings. Within a short time the butterfly died.Butterfly #2

The man knew he must somehow have interfered with nature, and so he went to the library to do some research on butterflies. He learned that as it emerges from its cocoon, the butterfly presses and strains, which pumps fluid from its large body into its wings. This process strengthens the wings and shrinks the body. Without that struggle, the butterfly emerges with weak wings and an unwieldy body, and cannot survive.

This is our own life process as well. We may fear the struggle and wish to remain safe little caterpillars, yet the more we open, the greater the rewards. For us it’s not a single experience; we emerge over and over again, growing into a new way of being, exploring one way and then trying another until we find the right fit. No one can cut open your cocoon for you because it is through the struggle that you develop the strength to fly free.

This is how nature works. And remember, we are not above nature! We are a part of it, and our daily struggles and battles are what make us strong. If we interfere with the working of nature by skipping the struggles for some people we end up creating weak individuals. Do we want to make weak individuals? No! Not when we claim that we are doing all this to make them strong! What an irony!

Think again before you say that you are “for reservation”… because by saying that you truly do not understand the working of life!!



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September 7, 2006 at 4:05 pm

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Night Driving

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Night Driving

Originally uploaded by Harshad Sharma.

I confess to photographing while driving. Also to photographing with both hands on the camera. While driving a motorcycle. At 60 kmph. On a highway. At night. Alone.

It’s safer than drunken driving.

Yes. I know I’m a bad boy sometimes.


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September 4, 2006 at 10:05 am

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