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A Bumpy + Dusty Ride

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A Bumpy + Dusty Ride

Originally uploaded by Harshad Sharma.

That’s exactly how life is 🙂

And during this bumpy and dusty ride, it’s very much possible that we lose sight of our goals and mission for a while. It happened to me, during my recent shift from photography-only schedule to a studio-computer-geek-and-sometimes-a-photographer was a sweet and sour experience.

I learnt a lot of new stuff, I felt happy that I was of use to a friend of mine for the while that I worked with him. But I realized that I missed photography so much, that after working double shifts for 4 continuos days, I just could not keep my hands off my SLR any longer! I came home past midnight and sat at my computer desk (in my bedroom) and photographed whatever I could see in front of me!

So finally after a lot of deliberation and a lot of thinking, I’m back to where I belong – just the world of pure light! No more moving pictures, just one moment of memory at a time; frozen, forever.

My web designing work still keeps me busy with previous contracts, but that is good because it keeps my pockets warm enough whether I photograph for a living or not 😉 Good to be working this way I guess.

So while I take the ride of life through this seemingly dark and dusty road… I know the small headlamp of my expeience and the street lights of everybody else’s experiences will shine enough light for me to find my way and also make a good photograph on the way 🙂

Expect more photographs on the flickr photostream ( ) since I am back as the friendly neighbourhood photographer. I’m also planning on writing a few articles on Nature Conservation and will publish them here. So keep an eye out for those too. How about subscribing to the RSS Feed if you have already not done so?

Thanks for tuning in. This is your host for the frame – Harshad. Have a nice day ahead, see you soon and keep clicking and riding the thought train!


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October 26, 2006 at 1:55 am

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