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PCBSD, Samba and Amarok

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So my computers Jaguar and Panther (nothing to do with MacOS) are running PCBSD for over 50 days now. Cheetah has been on FreeBSD since ages. I’m no sure what I run on, but the BSDs surely have something against me.

It is said that PCBSD makes it easy to share files like in MSWindows… right click on a folder, go to sharing tab… but for me the tab isn’t visible anymore… probably because i recompiled the kernel – because my printer was not going to work without that step, which included downloading the complete source code (FreeBSD comes with this stuff, but I can understand…) anyway… so the sharing tab isnt visible anymore. But when it was, I tried clicking on the settings button which supposedly opens another window… which never opened.

So… after a few deep sighs and a few cups of assam tea, I decided to go the old way – set up smb.conf on Jaguar by hand and using mount_smbfs on other machines. Followed the steps from and got it running. I could see the files from Panther in konkueror (smb:// and when I tried to open a file, Konqueror asked me if I wanted to download the file or open it in the related application. That was confusing, and after making up my mind, I decided to open the file instead of downloading it. Well, the file was downloaded to a temporary folder and then opened in the application. Blah! Well, after editing the file, I closed the application and the system asked me if I wanted to upload the file back again. Smart. But not smart enough.

I remembered using mount_smbfs command on FreeBSD and it never bothered me like this. Infact, I remember windows never bothered me with such questions either. For once, I had to accept that that OS is maybe a bit friendly. But then I remebered the horrors of setting up the network under windows… and I felt better. Hehe.

I tried the command but it was not allowing me to connect – authentication error, it barked back. Looked around, could not find anything that would help me, so I went through the smb.conf files available on the internet and came across “security=share” clause under [global] section of the file. Somehow it clicked… I put that in the conf file and restarted smbd… checked mount_smbfs from Panther and voila! it worked!

That’s for the adventure right in the first few hours of my day – who knows what’s left in the day!


Written by hiway

February 21, 2007 at 12:49 pm

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