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What Really Happened: Dad

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My father had the first heart attack on 19th Feb 2009, we rushed him to hospital where he was given proper treatement and was recovering. I had anticipated this since dad had diabetes to add to his troubles. He needed insulin injection on a daily basis, even though he controlled his diet very strictly. While he was in the ICU for about 11 days, his blood sugar was fluctuating wildly. Apparently the doctors refused to administer insulin for first two days as they were ‘observing’ him. Then they started with a very small dose and gradually increased back to usual. Still the levels were not good enough for the bypass surgery that was suggested after angiography.

 As a result, doctors decided to discharge him and let him recuperate at home for two weeks after which he would be moved to Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai for the bypass surgery.

 Dad was happy about the arrangements and that we all (me, brother and mom) were with him day and night. 2 days went by happily at home. Third day, 7th of March, he had breakfast, got a haircut from mom and insisted on shaving himself. He was sitting on a chair, mom right in front of him with the mug in her hand. I was in the market.

 Dad commented to his sister “Among all your 6 sisters-in-laws (he had 5 brothers), is there anyone comparable to _my_ Shailu? An all rounder. Only one!” and laughed with a sparkle in his eye. He glanced lovingly at mom.

 As he took the razor to his cheek, mom noticed his hand slowly falling back. She asked what happened. Dad slumped down. Mom held him tight, called for help. Then they lay him on bed, mom administered CPR – she had learned at a first aid course. Dad breathed in a few times. Mom called me on phone and yelled ‘Hashu! Dad has collapsed, quick!’ that was all.

 Me and my cousin Amit were about 5km away, we dropped our work and rushed back… within 3 minutes we reached home. Mom had called the doctor and was advised to rush him to hospital – another 5km drive in city. I drove the car like there was no tomorrow, mom was still giving CPR as I helped her keep the rythym. We reached the hospital in 5min and the road was jammed hardly 20ft from the gate – I yelled at some people ‘Heart attack patient – get aside!’ they did… the doctors took him in.

 I was in the emergency room, they administered defibrillator (electric shock) – the ECG showed a weak pulse of 30… and faded. They tried, nothing. The doctor turned to me, I knew what he would say. I thanked him for trying and went outside. Mom was waiting in the lounge, a thousand questions in her eyes. I went to her, hugged her and told her – Dad was no more. She cried, I could not hold back tears but I tried my best. Had to console her first.

 Called up my brother who was still at home, sleeping… told him dad was serious and he should come soon. Told him the fact when he reached there. Made numerous calls to relatives – gave them the news. Taking a deep breath in between to swallow my tears.

 Everything after that was a blur… I somehow managed to find courage and strength to last the day – the funeral, meeting and consoling dad’s brothers and sisters, all other relatives and friends. My brother and mother were both strong as ever, which made the formalities a bit less complicated.

 Thousands of people came to say the last good bye. Dad loved people… we wished all these friends had come together someday when he was still with us. But that was going to remain just a wish.

 Dad is now with God, we strongly believe that and so overcoming the grief is not impossible now. We will see him again, when our time comes. Till then we have to ensure we live good lives and carry on his legacy in our hearts, minds and work.


Written by hiway

March 18, 2009 at 11:50 am

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Live Forever

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Live a life such that
Others will cherish;
And surely you will live on
Though your body may perish.

 All live inside a lifetime,
Their existence ends with them;
Live beyond what you have got,
Be a timeless gem.

 Life is just a passing phase,
It does not wait for you;
And when it screeches to a halt,
Surprise! You’re not you!

 (written sometime around 2006)
Dedicating to Dad who left us on 7th March 2009.

Written by hiway

March 16, 2009 at 4:49 pm

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