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Attack of the nVidia RAID Controller!

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Today I woke up, started the computer and saw that in the BIOS POST screen, the DVD drive was detected, but showed garbage characters in the name. A case of loose wires, maybe. I unplugged the comp, reseated the connectors and started the computer again – the name of the DVD drive was showing up well now. But something seemed to take a bit too long in the POST, and after which I was greeted with this:

MediaShield ROM BIOS 6.73
Copyright (C) 2006 NVIDIA Corp.

Detecting array …

A total WTF!? moment for me. I have not set up RAID on this system and out of the blue, where this *this* come from? The computer stay stuck there for many agonizing minutes. After which I rebooted and tried changing settings in BIOS, which I found were already disabled.

Huh? If the BIOS says RAID is disabled then what is this?

Lot of research turned up no help, only unanswered questions. Finally did what I should had done first – disconnect the DVD drive and boot – that worked. Seems like I have a faulty drive and all I needed to do was disconnect it, everything went back to normal.


Written by hiway

May 10, 2009 at 12:09 pm

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