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You Don’t Spend Time, Time Spends You.

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Ever stopped a while and looked at your life from a third person’s perspective? Have you ever felt that you could had done things differently? If not, congratulations! Either you’ve had a perfect life or you’re perfectly disillusioned.

Recently I had the chance to be in the company of my thoughts for hours on end. Motorcycle tours do that to you. And I realized that all the while, I was reading up on how to manage and spend time… while in reality, time, in it’s consistent and smooth ways had been spending me. Whether I try to manage time or not, clock keeps ticking. Though I set alarms and reminders to alert me, time continues to flow out of my life like a small hole in a tank eventually empties it.

What then, can I do to make sure my life isn’t a waste. Perhaps it is easiest to go with the flow, and just decide where you would like time to spend you at any given moment.

Note that this is not a refined concept, just a record of my initial thoughts. Feel free to add your observations and critique.


Written by hiway

February 18, 2010 at 8:29 am

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