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2010 in Retrospect

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31st December 2010.

Sitting at a friend’s place in Puné. He is still to return from
office, then we’ll go out and meet some more buddies. Reading through
twitter timeline, it just hit me. The year’s over.

The Earth has gone round the Sun and arrived at the same exact spot as
last year. Tho it’s not entirely true… the Sun moves around in
galaxy, while it speeds away towards some corner of the Universe!

And in this all… I’m sitting here, wondering what just happened! A
whole year went by and I didn’t even realize! There have been so many
things happening, that I lost track of time.

This was the year when as a motorcycle tourer, I grew up to be a man.
In other words, got Leh’d. The trip of a lifetime! Clicked so many
photos that I’m still not done processing all of them. Then went on
another tour with Royal Enfield!

Made a fool of myself on many occasions. Lived through all of them.

Learned quite some valuable lessons on relationship, and friendship.

Made a friend who seems like was with me, unseen, all these years. Who
knows me better than I know myself. Who can see through my mood
induced rants and knows when and how to make me shut up. She’s God’s
answer to my prayer: give me a guide for making thru this life!

Met a girl who swept me off my feet! 😀 Though things didn’t work out
eventually, I gained a friend in her too. Glad we met 🙂

And as the year ended, made another friend who barely talks to me, but
seems to know my thoughts :-O

Apart from these three most awesome people, I made many more friends
who I owe my sanity. People who pushed me on, caught me when I fell
and cheered when I was running. Without all of them, this year would
probably have been rather uninteresting.

My mother and brother showed immense support and faith as I worked
towards being an independent artist. I can never thank enough.

To everyone who trusted me, helped me live up to the promises I
made… I thank you! To everyone who I made promises but couldn’t
keep, I am sorry, and will not let you down again.

Grateful to God for the time I’ve had here on earth. It’s been an
interesting journey so far. I’ve chuckled to myself, I’ve laughed out
loud. I’ve loved, I’ve lost. I’ve reached out, and I’ve curled up.

All in all, I’ve become a more interesting person. Thanks 2010!


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December 31, 2010 at 4:15 pm

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  1. Nicely written brother… yeah u’ve become an interesting person 😛 , Happy New Year Man!


    December 31, 2010 at 5:13 pm

  2. Well written – Frank and straight from the heart 🙂

    Atul Karmarkar

    January 1, 2011 at 3:12 am

  3. 2010 was a good year for all of us. cheers to an even better 2011!

    Kristopher Noronha

    January 2, 2011 at 7:00 am

  4. @Jayaram: Hehe, I’m curious as to what you think is interesting ;-)@Atul: Thanks 🙂 There was so much more to write, but touchscreen mobile doesn’t give much scope for composing long sentences :-P@Kristopher: Yep! Cheers bro!

    Harshad Sharma

    January 2, 2011 at 8:46 pm

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