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Reacting to bad news

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I’ve realized a noticeable change in the way I react to accidents or
other panic inducing situations or news. The reason for this
realization was two incidents within a day, that I’m sure I would had
reacted differently a while back.

First, woke up in morning, but was still quite sleepy and stretched
out one hand to grab a bottle of water… while other hand was pressed
on the mattress for support. Heard a crackling sound. Realized I had
kept my glasses there while dozing off at night.

My usual reaction would be to get jolted out of sleep, look at the
situation and go “shit shit shit”… then feel bad about it. But none
of that happened, I backed off, picked up my now half-twisted glasses,
smiled at my stupidity, kept them aside, drank water and went back to
sleep. Properly woke up an hour later, fixed the glasses and have been
wearing since 🙂

Second incident was barely an hour back when electric fluctuations
took out my computer while it was booting and later the computer
refused to start up. I’ve faced it before, and I know it will take a
while to fix. But I just turned it off, took a book to read and
tweeted about it after a while. I know my work is pending. But losing
my calm won’t make me any more productive. Even while writing this
from my mobile, I know I have to still fix computer. But I’m not

Many thanks to my father for introducing me to this alternate reaction
technique. I’ve always tinkered with stuff, and managed to break many
things as a kid. Dad or mom never yelled the moment something broke.
Their first question was “Are you alright?” then “Lets clean this mess
up.” and sometime later in the day came “What the heck were you

I’ve picked it up quite well apparently 🙂

Note to audience: You could practice this too, if there was one reason
why this helps… it makes telling truth easier. Once I dented our
family car, lost phone that dad gifted me, failed in exams… but I
was never afraid to tell my parents what really happened. Which
ensured I got help when I needed it. I wasn’t let off the hook tho,
reprimand came in much later. Sometimes the punishment seemed harsh,
but was never delivered when I needed help.

Works with friends too. My closest friends know well that I don’t
freak out whatever they have to confess to. So they first talk to me.
Guess this habit makes everyone’s life a tad bit better.

Thanks dad, thanks ma 🙂


Written by hiway

January 23, 2011 at 12:57 pm

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  1. 🙂


    January 23, 2011 at 1:07 pm

  2. good one!


    January 23, 2011 at 1:41 pm

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