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Rock, Paper, Blood, Ink and Pencils

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Our actions are comparable to words written with pencil, ink, blood or
carved with a chisel.

Most of us don’t go beyond pencils; unimportant, forgettable, erasable
mediocre everyday acts. Of survival, getting given job done.

Influential people write in ink, their acts are remembered for a
while. Perhaps by those directly touched or affected by the actions.
And some more.

Revolutionaries write in blood, their actions remind of the pain and
sacrifice endured to bring about change. They command respect. Whether
the change was good or bad, they are remembered for their role.

The truely influential people write with chisel, on the rock of
history. Nobody lets you tinker with that rock. You overpower common
people. You have to be motivated beyond revolutionary mindset to bring
about change single handedly. This is also the most destructive or
constructive category of action. Many lives are affected by these
actions, whether they like it or not.

// Note: These thoughts are a result of a sleepless night when I
refrained from distractions. Just noting them down (while still half
asleep-half awake) for reference. Haven’t given this theory any deep
thought to check if the metaphors can explain the made-up categories
well enough.


Written by hiway

February 9, 2011 at 11:56 am

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