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Love is like your motorcycle’s silencer giving you a nasty scald on your hand as you poke around the engine mid-ride to fix a loose screw.

It’s a quick damage. Merely a fraction of a second before you get to pull your hand away. But by that time damage is done. You look at your
hand, and see the change in color. Meh, not a big thing. Or that’s what you think.

It turns black. You do everything not to tear the tender burnt skin. You ensure it is safe. You protect it with all your attention as if it was everything you ever cared about.

Then the wound starts to heal slowly. First that tender skin goes dry. It falls off, revealing the pink underside of your brown skin 😉 it still needs care to ensure you don’t wince in pain due to a negligent brush against some curtain.

Then it heals over time… and you are left with a wound that seems to take forever to go away. You fuss over it. Write blog posts about it. Your friends ask you if you’re alright.

Then one day it heals completely. There’s a mark left that’ll take years to fade off. You’ll keep looking at it until you have a fresh scald to nurse.

Yes love is like that 😉


Written by hiway

March 24, 2011 at 7:07 am

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