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Friends and Spam

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I often meet a lot of new people, I’m open to conversation, can adapt to the wavelength of others when I want and usually end up making many acquaintances on the way. I have a few circles of close friends. One being closest, few others being in the next ring, a lot more in somewhat further distant ring, and the new acquaintances being the most far out.


I’m cool with giving out my contact details to new people, just as I’m cool with making new friends. However, I’ve noticed that I get the most spam and unwanted emails via people in the outermost ring.

I’ve observed this: those people who tend to ask for your email / phone / facebook id as soon as you meet tend to generate the most spam in your inbox. I get mindless forwards, invitations to games, invites and relentless reminders to unknown social and ‘professional’ networks, to groups and events I don’t care about and just about everything that I’ve managed to avoid so far.

This is just an observation. I won’t change my ways of conversing with new people, but I will mark those who abuse my contact details as spam.

I am a citizen of the information age, what information I consume matters to me, and those who cannot spend few moments to find out and respect my choices are a hindrance to my being. Yes, I take spam _that_ seriously.

My inbox and life is better without some people.

ProTip: When not very sure that something is relevant to me, please don’t send it to me.


Written by hiway

March 29, 2011 at 11:58 am

Posted in rant

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