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DIY Woodwork: Super easy bookshelf

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It started with an idea in head and then a doodle on paper. My target was simple, put together design for a small bookshelf that can hold around  five softcover small books stacked upon each other. The biggest constraint was to use minimum number of joints and nails/screws.

Presenting the three-piece shelf that can be constructed with just two screws, and mounted with another two. Needs no glue or nails.


Oops! Looks like I drilled the holes too tight — this will need replacement :-/


Here’s how it should look on the wall.


With a sample book!


As you can see, i can exert pressure on the base and the whole shelf holds up pretty well. Will apply polish and mount it sometime later.

From idea to constructed shelf: 30 minutes, including a coffee break.

Wood: teak lumber / 3cm x 1 cm

Large piece: 7cm
Arms: 5 cm each

Tools used: Hacksaw, rotary grinder, power drill, bench vice, screwdriver, scale and pencil.


Written by hiway

April 3, 2011 at 7:28 pm

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