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Draft response for friends who spam me…

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I’m replying to your email because I wanted to tell you something important – I like to stay in touch with you, however, I have a policy against ‘spam’ emails – anything that is irrelevant to my interests or work , chain emails that ask me to forward it to ten people and invitations to groups, forums and websites. It may seem I’m cold to your friendly emails but I would definitely prefer a “hi, how are you?” than a (not so) funny email about kittens. Also, forwarding emails does not automatically donate any money nor does it help any protest or cause.

I’ll appreciate relevant forwards – something that has to do with my work or hobby, but keep them to not more than one a week. Also, if you found a cool website – please, please do NOT send invitation to everyone in your address book, many of these sites use the email addresses to send more unwanted email – pretending to be you. Don’t lose your online credibility to such scams.

When in doubt, don’t sign up, don’t forward. Doubt everything 😉

Would love to hear from you, how are you doing?



Written by hiway

April 8, 2011 at 12:03 am

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