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Voicenote: Electric Hybrid Motorcycle

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Inspired by railway engines.

Preliminary idea, not polished.

Build a fully electric motorcycle, put in two batteries, one large, other small. Also add a generator and a diesel or petrol engine to drive it.

Run the bike off battery, when battery is low, use secondary battery to fire up engine and charge battery + run bike from the electricity produced.

Also look into sterling engine: previously deemed impractical for vehicles since torque can’t be controlled easily. If it keeps generating electricity, it can be used as needed to drive motors.

Bike becomes fly-by-wire, less cables. No clutch.

Also since bike runs the engine to produce electricity, it can be controlled to produce optimum amount according to load via auto throttling and even better via fuel injection instead of wasting fuel running it full speed.


Written by hiway

April 17, 2011 at 5:04 am

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