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Is there a service to transcribe voice to text automatically?

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I’m asking this because I would appreciate even the most rudimentary transcription for these voicenotes that I’ve been posting. It will help searching for text in the content.

The idea is to record voice as a .amr file (awesome compression/ voice quality and availability of native app to record in this format on phones) or mp3 and send it to an email address, where the dictation is transcribed into text using some speech to text software and this text is sent back as a reply to my email, with the amr file still attached… which I can then forward to people or my posterous blog for posting here.

Why reply with attachment? It ensures that the transcribed text is accompanied by original voice note – nobody should be made to hunt down the original file once transcribed text comes back on email, even if just to attach the sound and forward the message.

This gives us the ability to quickly create messages in a format we are comfortable in – speaking. Have it transcribed to text, with some errors acceptable. Review the text, correct errors that could change meaning of our words and forward the pair of voice and text to intended recipient.

This, if available, could be a great boon for blogging raw ideas, spontaneous thoughts, on the move notes.

I’m asking for transcribing whole message in one go. I’m aware there are services that let you make a phone call and dictate emails. But I want both voice and text available 🙂

Any luck for finding exact service? Or anyone game to make something like this? Should be trivial if a decent open source speech to text system is available. All that remains is glueing email and that app with some clever code and having some bandwidth and processing resources to spare. Or charge for the service! 😉


Written by hiway

April 18, 2011 at 4:20 am

Posted in software

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