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#Idea: A Twitter List Management App // cc: @twitter @ankitagaba @aalaap @jun6lee @mehulved @sengupta

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TL;DR: A drag-and-drop Twitter list manager. Someone please make it.

With increase in the number of interesting people I want to follow, and the ever decreasing time/attention I can give each of them, I’ve started unfollowing people who I don’t interact with regularly or whose tweets are occasionally interesting or people who tweet about very specific topics all the times (or informational bots) – and following them via lists instead.

However, it isn’t easy to manage lists – to unfollow someone and move to list. I’m proposing an application as shown in the mockup, with toggle buttons on top… Show images, show bio, show stats and Move. The move button will enable you to drag-n-drop a user you are following into a list, and the app will automatically add them to the list and unfollow from main account.

This ensures that when you log into twitter from any client, you see a limited set of tweets, people who you really care about. And everything else is readily accessible by accessing the respective lists.

You can create a list by clicking the icon on bottom left of select multiple people and drag-n-drop them on the create list icon. Same goes for unfollowing of to remove people from a list. You can also block or report accounts as spam by dragging and dropping names. Finally drag one or more accounts from a list over delete list icon to delete the whole list. You can choose to move the people to another list or follow them from main account prior to deleting.

I’m also proposing that the application be able to work completely offline between loading the lists and hitting save button on toolbar. That will speed it up and help people to simply quit the app without affecting their lists – if someone causes a major goofup.

Anybody game to make this real?


Written by hiway

November 4, 2011 at 10:28 pm

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