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Setting up Twitter Channels using Google App Engine and Python / Tweepy / Twaebot #geek

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I had mentioned in July 2011 on my Google+ stream that I would like to see ‘channels’ for my posts.

I talk about various topics on my twitter account. My posts about traveling or food are irrelevant to someone who wants to follow me for my programming related updates. A friend who might be interested in the photos I upload has to bear all the geek talk and quotes and retweets. 

Of course, I’m unwilling to tweet from multiple accounts… choosing the right account every time!

No more!

I’m testing a small bot that watches my tweets from my main account ( @hiway ) and if any of the latest tweets contain certain keywords or hashtags, it relays the same tweet from a sub-account – what I call a channel… an account set up for topical tweets. For example, one can follow only my technology related tweets by following @hiwaybot instead of following the main account. Or you can choose to follow @harshadsharma for my photography related tweets. @biasedmonk is for travel tweets and @hiwaybaba is for miscellaneous gyaan, philosophy, poetry, quotations and other silly stuff. Of course, following my main account is more fun because you will get immediate response from me and I prefer to converse from that account. Other accounts are mostly for broadcast – for people who aren’t interested in the person, but only the content 😉

For now I’ll use twitter’s notifications and tweetdeck columns to monitor replies to the sub-accounts, in future I might also come up with a more streamlined approach… while hoping twitter beats me to it. Having twitter channels would be awesome. Assign hashtags to our channels and we’re set! People can choose to follow @hiway:geek instead of @hiway and every tweet I send with #geek in it will be posted to them, all else will be filtered out.

Your thoughts?

Written by hiway

November 10, 2011 at 1:34 am

Posted in software

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