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The lake that died…

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A very sad young man once visited a monk in the Himalayas seeking advice.

"I crave for love, I seek love, I look out for people who can give me love. And there are many! I've been loved deeply by women, but the relations don't last. I've been loved dearly by friends and family, but even they are somehow drifting apart. Even today there are some people around me who love me. But every morning I wake up feeling dead inside. What is missing?"

The monk listened patiently and then gazed towards the beautiful blue lake in the valley.

"You see that lake? Brilliant shimmering blue waters. Hundreds of streams from the melting ice bring fresh water into it without end. Just like people love you. On the outside you're living the life of your dreams, just like the beauty we see when we look at the lake. But there's more to it. There's always more to a story, isn't there?"


"The lake is dead, exactly like you feel on the inside. There are no fish in it, no plants around it. Look closely, you see streams flowing into the lake… but nothing flows out. All the fresh water, with traces of salt from the mountains is forever trapped in this lake. Whatever water is reduced, it's due to evaporation – by force. The lake does not willingly give away the water it is receiving. The salts build up over the years, turning the lake so salty, no life can be sustained in those pretty waters. So much water, so less life.

"Look inside yourself, you are getting so much love from so many people, are you giving back?"

I had thought of writing this long while ago, while riding the motorcycle somewhere. Finally wrote it and let it sit in drafts for few weeks, thinking "Who does this really apply to?" Frankly, for most part, I kept thinking I'm the monk. And then it hit me – that guy asking for help is me. I thought I was giving love to everyone close to me, but I was wrong.

Unlike water, love comes in forms that we cannot foresee. And it is often called upon us to give love in forms we never knew existed. Kindness, compassion, understanding… the amalgamation of these leads to something unique for every situation. Whether it is about my relation, my family or friends, the kind of love I give to each person in my life has to be uniquely suited to them. Only then it makes sense.

I'm learning.

– Harshad.

P.S. I do happen to be the biasedmonk 😉 You will love the photographs from one of my most memorable motorcycle rides with my buddies. click here.

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December 17, 2011 at 5:11 am

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