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  • We can only load up to 3200 of our own previous tweets or mentions. 
  • We can use one of the third-party account backup services with Twitter.
  • I have not found any backup service that also stores the tweet that started the conversation, a tweet I replied to while it was not aimed at me.

The first tweet from @jayaramk1983 would had been missed completely, and my reply to him would make no sense if we looked only at the data inside the backup app – and the chances of someone figuring out the tweet-id and then loading that directly from Twitter to get the context are fairly low. Hence my little exercise.

I have been able to fetch tweets from 1 Dec 2011 onwards. Will later inject data from my old JSON backups to populate the database completely. The only issue bothering me is the very limited data read/write free quotas. It’s fine for running the logger continuously – but intensive read/write to backup or insert data is a problem.

After this logger runs for a few weeks, I should be able to find out interesting statistics. I occassionally tweet about my travels, weather, food, walking, sleeping times, movies, music, dreams; it should be interesting to parse these bits of information into something usable. 

Let’s see!

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January 16, 2012 at 1:31 am

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