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Home, alone! Away from the fake smiles and disgusting people. Finally! he thought. The doorknob said otherwise. He had company, and his gut feeling was pretty darned sure who could be paying him a visit.

“Memories! My dear friends!” how I’ve longed for you! How have you been? Still rocking the same earworm? …he remarked as the vinyl spun another tune after a brief silence.

Of course his cheerfulness was just a pretense. He let it fade quickly and got to the point.

“Why are you here?” “The usual?”
“C’mon you know I’m sick of the routine now.”
“Do you have a choice?”
“Do I look like I have a choice?”

He was filling in the dialogues for his imaginary friends. Afterall, they were visiting after so long, it’s the least he could do!

“You know we missed you, right?”
“Yes, tell me about it”
“You mean you didn’t?”
“I’m fine without you!”
“Hey! You’re the one keeping us alive, remember?”

His memories haunted him every day. He couldn’t live with then, neither could he live without.

They chatted for a while, and as the sun made it’s appearance the nocturnal friends disappeared like phantoms in his head. Familiar scene awaited, it was morning already. Two shots of coffee later, he found the rights words to start the day…

“Hello Murphy, let’s begin the show!”


Written by hiway

January 23, 2012 at 2:28 am

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