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“Western culture” #rant

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Someone complained about "western culture" spoiling our food habits. Most non-Maharashtrians know my state for vada-paav, do we eat that all the time? NO! Do Italians eat double cheese pizza with cheeze-burst crust for breakfast? Hell NO! Hang on, do Americans go to McD's for dinner every night? Bleddy NO! What's wrong with you? We only know of the "exportable" dishes, not the staple food. so stop judging others' food habits unless you've lived in the place for a few months.

"Oh, okay… what about western culture bringing vulgar festivals like valentine's day?" Hmm, deflecting instead of accepting a stronger argument? Well, love isn't vulgar – it's our mistake that we cannot differentiate between love and lust. And to say that we as a culture don't think about sex all the time… just look at our population damn it! Who wrote the Kama Sutra that we so proudly tell every foreigner about? 

C'mon stop this denial and accept it – we're no different, just that what people used to do in secret is now more transparent. The culture is not "gone", it's right here. What you see around IS the Indian culture, it's evolving. Keep up or become cultural dinosaurs. 


P.S. this is only a small part of the rant. I'll refrain from opening the whole can of worms 😉

Written by hiway

February 17, 2012 at 10:36 pm

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