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After having used MacOSX for a while, and dreading switching to Lion and it's successors for their diversion from *NIX way of working… I have been contemplating to switch back to my first love of an OS – FreeBSD. It might happen sometime in the future – but right now, I need to get an operational system up and running in little time – simply because the disk with MacOSX crashed a few hours ago and I have deadlines to meet.

No time to set up FreeBSD with it's idiosyncrasies and tweaks. Especially access to hfs+, at least linux gives read-only support out of the box, also quick access to dropbox that our team uses a lot. Also, Ubuntu works with the iPhone – for syncing music, I'm not sure about FreeBSD, and don't have time to find out in the next 10 minutes – within with Linux will get installed.

So Ubuntu 10.04 it is. I cannot stand the new UI on Ubuntu, 10.04 is where my love ends for it. Let's see if I end up using Ubuntu long enough or gravitate towards FreeBSD eventually 😉

Alright, looks like we're ready to reboot into the OS! Good luck to the code!


Written by hiway

April 20, 2012 at 4:09 am

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