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The storm stands very still,
Goosebumps, damn windchill!
Skies waiting in anticipation,
A little boy running uphill.
Breathless, in a moment that,
Would take one’s breath away,
Clouds part, far apart.
Light percolates through.
The boy raises his arms,
Feeling the warmth of sunshine true.
Father, bless me! He cries out loud,
A token of love, Raindrops released by a cloud,
He smiles and thanks, his father Who is up above in the skies
Tears, masked by the raindrops cold
Roll down the boy’s young face.
Daddy, I miss you, he says
As he slowly walks away.
The clouds join the boy and cry
Their aqueous hearts away
The storm wails and screams
Throwing a tantrum each way.
Then falls silence, such hurtful silence
That one can hear for miles
The storm dies, clouds fade
The boy walks away.
There’s nothing left,
Just a huge gaping void.
In a world that Once upon a time
Had the presence of dad.



Written by hiway

May 7, 2012 at 12:06 pm

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