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Anarchy would be a mild word,
To describe the mind-works,
That ticks like a time bomb,
The secret behind the smirks.

He swaggers around unabashed.
His ways of flagrant disregard,
Making society crumble down,
Like a house of playing cards.

He derives dark pleasures,
As terrified populace squirms,
His life is death for many,
Lives that he treats like worms.

We’ve seen him work his magic,
We’ve cowered under his gaze,
Though he is a mere mortal,
We’re rats scurrying in a maze.

Who will bell the cat, we groan,
Save us savior, our silent moan,
Who can save us from ourselves?
We chose our tyrant with our vote!



Written by hiway

May 9, 2012 at 9:27 am

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