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Got my first book via @instamojo !

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This opens up a host of opportunities. People offered to give away books that they don’t intend to read again, some offered to give away bags that they bought but never ended up using and some people also offered their own time. This last use case was rather interesting – Venture Capitalists have shown interest in talking to startup founders. Wow!

As they say, if you’re making a startup – eat your own dogfood, so I claimed a book from Alfaazi soon after it was put up on Instamojo.

We both received emails to put us in touch with each other, and took it over email from there.  Since this book would be posted from another city, I would be paying the shipping cost but the book would be free. Sent my address and in a few days the book was on my desk!


What an amazing feeling to see the product we’ve been creating at Urbanpotion (the parent company) return such tangible benefits!


This package did not contain just the book, but a handwritten note and lots of encouragement for us all! 


Thank you Alfaazi for the awesome book! I’m thrilled about it! And as I promised, once I am done reading, I will put it up for giving away on Instamojo again.

Cheers to everyone who is helping us test out and make Instamojo better. So many emails, chats, phone calls and meetups have been pouring in to help us tune Instamojo to something that everyone will find useful, intuitive and simple.


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May 18, 2012 at 8:22 pm

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