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BSNL Broadband Slow Like Hell

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It is 3:43 am, when most other users are offline, I am trying to download KDE 3.5.5 source packages for my newly installed FreeBSD 6.2 on AMD64 machine – I am using a 256 Kbps BSNL DataOne Broadband connection. On January 2007, BSNL announced that it has upgraded all users for speeds upto 2 Mbps. Yes, I enjoy the speed – and I am thankful to BSNL. However, as I watch the progress of my downloads, there’s nothing else than “SHOCK” that awaits me.

Here’s a sampler from my Python download session:

Python-2.4.3.tgz                                5% of 9129 kB 3775  Bps 39m04s

3775Bps, around 3 KBps which comes around to 3*8 = 24 Kbps. Am I being served 10 times slower internet or what?

This is not just for one or two downloads. I tried reconnecting, hoping vainly that things might magically sort themselves out. I tried to check my DNS settings (Regular and OpenDNS both) both resolve fine. This is not the first time this has happened. It’s becoming a regular P.I.T.A., and I’m very much frustrated with it. If BSNL decides to make the 2 AM to 8 AM block free for all users (no charges for downloads) then they should at least give the minimum promised 256 Kbps speed!!! 24 kbps is just #$%@#$% #%$@@.


Written by hiway

March 5, 2007 at 3:55 am

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Internet in Asia Isolated?

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The sky is falling! Run! Scamper!

Is it just me, or are other people also having trouble accessing some websites? Few websites open up quickly, while (most) others are taking ages to download.

As an experiment, I tried running traceroute to Google’s different servers.

  • traceroute timed out after 64 hops.
  • traceroute completed in 14 hops.
  • traceroute completed in 13 hops.
  • traceroute timed out after 64 hops.
  • traceroute completed in 15 hops.

In both the above cases, traceroute showed that data had reached USA’s servers, but there was no response afterwards.

I was connected to a server in the USA at the same time and ran traceroute to, which completed in 14 hops. Now that’s interesting., and work from my computer,  but I was unable to even ping to (which has now started responding). Traceroute gave up after 64 hops.

If it was a matter of a few minutes, even hours, I would not sit and rant about it here… I have noticed this issue since last two days, and its not going away – only that at night, the issue worsens. Almost all of the websites become unreachable… I’m wondering why.

Written by hiway

February 27, 2007 at 11:17 am

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