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Evening RideToday, me and Amit went on a pleasant evening ride. Came back with a photo of the modified motorcycle handle, and a few more. Tested my new toy – Nokia 6680 for its photographic capabilities – and sadly, due to my aquaintance with better cameras, it miserably failed 😦 Well, can’t really help it! I dont feel like uploading photos from the 6680’s camera here. Someday, if I get an exceptional photo, I might think again. Anyway, a review from me is coming soon. I seem to really like the phone except for it’s silly camera!

About my plans for Nikon D50, it waits another fortnight… because I spent some decent amount on this smart phone. I don’t feel very smart now. But well… this is a nice handy tool to show a prospective client a slideshow – about anywhere. and it helps me keep myself running on time – which I usually miss, because I simply forget other things while riding on the train of thought… (that’s how this blog got it’s name – thoughts on rails)

Work stuff: I am working on a project that requires surveys – both in online and paper based format, the results of both will be later collected for further processing. So the idea is to create a software that can store a questionnaire/survey in an open format (think: XML) and convert it to online form (think: XHTML + CSS2 + PHP + XML) and also in printable form (think: XHTML + CSS2)

Later, I need to write a small translation software to convert these responses (in XML) to whatever format the client requires. I am working on the prototype using Python, Qt4 GPL and PyQt4 GPL. Ah, that means good news! The software will be open sourced… but not until I can at least make it do the expected work! If you really really need to satisfy the urge to peek at the code, mail me at harshad dot sharma [at] gmail dot com. At the time of writing, it is in alpha stage… hardly anything works, but pieces are taking shape.
The whole project consists of four modules:

  1. Survey XML Generator
    Creates an XML file, which gives the complete document structure, sections, questions and possible responses for each question.
  2. Survey Creator
    Generates XHTML/HTML and PHP from the given XML data.

    1. Simpe XHTML, for generating printable survey (CSS will be hand-coded)
    2. XHTML/PHP, for creating online surveys and mailing the responses back.
  3. Online Survey
    Takes responses from users and mails them as XML files to a predefined email address, also stores a copy on the server. As for the paper based surveys, we expect to have a bunch of people to sit and feed the gathered data into the online form at the end of the day.
  4. Response Translator
    Translates XML to database/spreadsheet format, as required by the client.

Now you know what’s keeping me busy ; Not just that, a website design to go along with the whole survey work… yes that and my own website 🙂 Thankfully I don’t have a girlfriend to add to the list 😉

Anyway, I guess I will go grab a nap… somewhere in the scale of 9 to 10 in the following Python program

amount_of_sleep = {
2:”a little”,
4:”considerable amount of”,
5:”seriously long”,
6:”more than average”,
7:”slight overdose of”,
8:”a lot of”,
9:”hell lot of”,
10:”insanely crazy long”}

for x in range(1,10):
print “I need %s sleep.” % amount_of_sleep[x]

P.S. I just turned back to be greeted with a very friendly bed!!! Oh and here comes a photo from the Nokia 6680 😉

My Welcoming Bed!



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July 11, 2006 at 1:36 am