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The gearlust is starting to set in really badly now. I have started feeling that I *need* a particular lens rather than just *wanting* it. Take for example yesterday night, I was photographing all night on the top of Shah hill (Salabat Khan’s Tomb) in cold wind… and could not get even one meteor!

Our team noted 37 meteors over 4 hours, but not even one made its way onto the frame. Main issue was that my usual lens gives f/3.3 aperture… that means that only one third of the actual light reaches the sensor. It covers a considerably wide area, but it cannot detect small light sources like the meteors. The next option was a borrowed lens – it went upto f/1.4 almost three fourths / 75% light reaches the sensor through this lens, but it does nto cover as much area as the other lens. Only a very narrow portion was photographed at any given instance. So well, the whole plan to photograph a meteor was a BIG failure yesterday.

BUT BUT BUT… I managed to get some fantastic photos of the night sky!

I’m in the process of uploading them now. Will post more about those photos soon 🙂


Written by hiway

November 19, 2006 at 10:04 pm